Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

The episode starts with Dadi saying that today is a new day. Dadi says our house is like relatives, we have affection, we need to fix things. They all fly the kite. Ruhi’s dragon is cut off. Abhi asks her to close her eyes until he cums. Jump down and catch the kite string. He hangs on the railing and climbs up. You all worry. Abhi goes to Ruhi.

He says that I must fulfill all of Ruhi’s wishes and hopes. They all smile. Ruhi says wow, the rope is attached. He says it should be in our hands to fix it or it will go away. She says but you’re gonna miss that lost dragon, right? He said no. He lets the kite fly. Manish and Suwarna dance in Dance ka bhoot chadaya…. They all dance. Manjiri becomes happy.

Akshu gets a car model for Abhir. She says a new toy for you. Abhir says I’ll join this old toy, don’t tangle my hair, why are you asking me to fight? She explains to him. She says broken things can’t be put together. She asks him to give her teacher jars of jam. Abhir asks Abhinav to save him. Abhinav says you should do what a brave person should do, run. They run. Akshu falls. Abhinav and Abhir are worried. She starts laughing.

They also laugh and hug. Abhi lets Ruhi sleep. Abhi asks if he didn’t apply any magic points. Aarohi says she had it, mosquitoes are talented. Abhi applies it again. Abhi says good night princess. Aarohi says there are two surgeries tomorrow. Abhi says to send me the details. Abhi goes to her room and sits there sadly. He goes to sleep. Akshu wakes up to see Abhir and Abhinav sleeping. She avoids his poor eyesight. She will fix herself. She prays

She will drink the milk. Talk to the milk seller. He makes excuses. She boils the milk. She asks them to get ready. She prepares the food and checks the expenses. She asks her to get up. You are still asleep. She calls them back. They wake up. Talk about ordering jams on duty. Abhinav comes and says that the toothpaste is out. She squeezes the toothpaste paste and gives it to him. Nelam is coming.
Akshu talks to her. She says that they would both stand in front of the mirror. Abhinav and Abhir are having a nice chat. she calls her The man invites Abhi, his wife and Ruhi. Abhi says Ruhi’s mother is not my wife, it’s complicated, we will come. Ruhi comes and says wow, that’s a beautiful cake. She asks him to tie her hair. He says it’s your mother’s place. She asks to please him. He says okay, promise me you’ll stop eating breakfast until I do your hair. Aarohi looks up and smiles.

Abhir says I love you Neelam Amma. Neelam asks Abhir to wake up in time. Akshu tells you to finish your food first. Neelam asks if you liked the siddu, Abhir. Abhinav jokes. Abhir says don’t make bad jokes. Akshu asks Abhir to give the jam jars to the teachers. She asks Abhinav to give the tourists jars of jam. Abhinav and Abhir run. Abhinav wipes the board of Sharma’s house and smiles. Neelam says they are both afraid of Akshara. Abhinav says yes, my wife is a tigress. Abhir asks what. Abhinav says nothing, I said a deer. Akshu makes jam. Neelam says why don’t you sing while you make jam like the village women do?

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