Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

The episode begins with a jump of a few years. Aarohi’s daughter Ruhi calls Abhi. Abhi is seen at the medical camp. Aarohi says we can’t perform the operation here. Rohan asks her not to panic. Abhi says we have no other choice. Manjiri controls Ruhi’s fever. Abhi says I have faith, trust me. Aarohi agrees. He’s doing the surgery. Ruhi dips the thermometer into the hot milk. Manjiri says his temperature is 104°F.

Abhi saves the patient. Abhi asks Rohan to sew it. Rohan says yes, I will, you two rest. Manjiri says we’ll get him some syrup. Aarohi says MD will be impressed. Abhi says yes, Mahima will applaud. The interns see Abhi and smile. They talk about Abhi. Aarohi listens to them talk. She says they’re interns, they gossip here, MD Mam wants them to focus on the patients, not the doctors. Abhi looks at his cell phone. He receives Ruhi’s video message. He cares. Aarohi says nothing happened to him. Abhi says I will go. She says it’s a joke. Abhi says it’s no joke to me, she’s my heart, I gotta do what my heart says. He runs.

He comes home and says that Poppy has arrived. Manjiri and Nishta smile. Ruhi looks upset. He says you have to dance because you’re late. He says I won’t dance alone. Dance Miss’s song. Aarohi comes and claps. She says Ruhi can’t fly kites with us. Ruhi says no, I’m fine now. She jumps onto the bed. She says we’re going to fly the kite now. Abhi takes Ruhi with him. Both build dragons. Abhi asks Ruhi to have something to eat. Manjiri sees arrangements. Parth says Shefali is coming, she’s busy putting on her makeup. Manjiri tells her to have it done. Shefali talks to Shivansh on duty. Abhi asks Shivansh when you will be back. Ruhi takes the call. She says I miss you, if you want to go home stick the thermometer in the hot milk. Everybody is laughing.

Aarohi gets medicine for Manjiri. She brings coffee for Parth. She scolds Anand for raising her sugar levels. Manjiri says that I didn’t think Aarohi would handle everything so well, she expected of you and she didn’t. Manish, Suwarna and Dadi arrive. Manish says someone has to take that responsibility, are you alright? Oh smile. Suvarna calls it poppy. Abhi says don’t call me poppy, I’ll become the poppy of the world. Aarohi hugs her family. Ruhi asks if Kairav didn’t come. Manish says he’s busy. Ruhi says it’s time to fly kites. She writes her wish on the dragon. She asks if my wish will come true. It says of course. she says I love you, He says I love you more, I promise I will love you more.

Abhinav sings a popular song and takes the foreigners for a ride. The man asks about his son. Abhi says he’s my son, that’s a long story. The man asks about the kite festival. Abhinav says there are mountains here, people celebrate differently, no kite flying. He tells her about the festive dishes. The man says you’re amazing. Abhinav shows his house. He invites her to his home. He says the world is one family, we teach peace in India, not fight. The man says yes, brother. You see the children fighting. Abhinav asks the boy to stop. The man says your son and laughs. He says that India teaches peace, not struggle. Abhinav says that my son is cute, his mother is an angry person.

Akshu comes and asks what’s going on here. She scolds her son and asks him not to let Golu hit him. The couple laughs. Abhinav says my wife, undertaker. He asks Akshu to stop the fight. Akshu asks his son Abhir to defeat Golu. She says that those who can’t learn to fight, learn to lose, fight and apologize for your own mistakes and get others to apologize for their mistakes. Golu’s mother comes and argues with Akshu. A man comes to make a video.

Abhinav asks her to leave. Golu excuses himself and leaves. Akshu whistles and stops Golu. She gives Golu a jar of jam and prompts him to think about the consequences of bullying. Abhinav says I get confused, she scolds and then gives jam. She asks Abhinav to sell the jam jars to the foreigners, tell a story and somehow sell them. Abhinav is worried about her. He says don’t tell the story that you got hurt, I’ll make a different story. He asks Abhir to explain it to his mother. She asks where Abhir went.

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