Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January episode starts with Manish says that you should have shown as much maturity in the Akshu matter as you showed in the Aarohi matter. He goes with the family. Abhi calls Akshu. Abhinav answers. Abhi asks where Akshara is. Abhinav says I am nobody. Abhi asks how you reacted to his call. Abhinav says he wanted to call you, he can tell you he wanted to talk about your baby. Abhi scolds her. Abhinav says he wanted to speak to you. Abhi asks who you are, I don’t want to talk or hear anything. Abhinav even asks if she was the mother of his baby. There’s no way Abhi says I don’t want to talk about Akshu and the baby. Akshu hears this and cries. Abhinav apologizes, you were in the bathroom and I took the call, you call him and talk. Akshu says I heard.

Akshu becomes sad and remembers everything. Manjiri says that Aarohi was feeling lonely, she shouldn’t feel like this, we have to take care of her. She goes. Abhi asks if you are okay. Aarohi nods. He says I need to talk. He sees the photo of Neil and cries. He’s sitting there. He says I will take care of Neil’s baby, I came to promise you, he was like my son, I lost Neil and my two babies, I promise you I will love the baby four times over. He says you miss your three babies a lot, right? He cries.

He says no, I don’t want to lose her, but I want to remember her. She says I promise I will take good care of the baby and love him very much. He says thank you, God will take care of you, you and the baby will want for nothing, I promise. She cries. He asks her to watch out and leaves. Akshu and Aarohi take care of their babies. Abhinav is worried about Akshu. Abhi takes care of Manjiri. Yeh Rishta kya….play… Aarohi says I figured it out every day and then not four months. Akshu says it would have been difficult to get through those four months if Abhinav hadn’t been there. They all have Aarohi cut a halwa cake. They celebrate. Aarohi meditates. Manjiri looks. Abhi takes Manjiri with him. Abhinav cries when he sees the baby photos. Manish speaks to Aarohi on a video call. Receive Akshu’s message.

Akshu says I feel bad that they ask you to leave the room, we will not get a room here, I will ask Verma not to force you, I will take my precautions. Abhinav asks him to hold the rolling pin and hit him. He says stay as you are now or go to Manish’s house I knew you would hit me you would hit me on the waist not on the head now you are 7 months pregnant it can be risky if you stay alone She has stomach ache. He’s worried and asks if you’re okay. He asks her to come, they go to the doctor.

Abhi says that in four days we will celebrate his mother’s birthday. Mahima says it’s a good decision, you would invite Goenkas but ask them not to take Akshu’s name. It says safe. Manish says that Abhi organized a small celebration for Manjiri’s birthday. Suwarna says both families will continue to meet. Manish says that Abhi and Akshu didn’t think much of each other. Dadi says that maybe that’s right. Abhi prepares the cake. He asks Aarohi if you are okay. She said yes. He says I hope everything is perfect today. Everyone comes Manjiri asks why this is necessary. Dadi says that Abhi did well. Manjiri cuts the cake. She hugs Aarohi. Abhi asks someone to give him the phone. Manish gives him his cell phone. Abhi goes to take photos. Akshu’s call gets through to Manish’s phone. Abhi sees his name and drops the phone. The call is answered and the phone goes hands-free. She says Bade Papa, I had to tell you something, I got married. Everyone is surprised. Akshu says his name is… Abhi ends the call. He is leaving the house.

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