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Watch Anupama 22nd January 2023 video episode, a popular Indian Hindi TV serial. Watch Anupama serial online in HD on MX Player or Star Plus. The latest episode(808), is available online in HD for your viewing pleasure.

Publish Date: 22nd January 2023
Video Source: Youtube / Dailymotion
Video Owner: Hotstar/StarPlus

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Mohit orders his team to be ready as they are going to start a big project and whoever organized all this will arrive soon. Kavya says that he created a lot of excitement around the organizer. Mohit says that she will find out herself. She notices that a lady is coming and says that she is there. Lady interacts with them and compliments Kavya. Kavya thanks her and calls her Maaya. She says that everything he heard about her is less. Anupama tells Kavya that she is beautiful and leaves stating that she will meet her later. She looks for water and believes that the two families have found each other even in this great mela and hopes that there will be no more problems. She believes that she will meet Maaya and clarify her doubts. She takes water for Little Anu. Maaya looking at her thinks that the more she waits for her to meet her, the more nervous she will be after meeting her.

Leela frowns seeing Anupama having fun with her family and says that they are laughing after poisoning her life. Hasmukh angrily smashes a cup of tea and walks away. Hasmukh said that there was no need to say that. Barkha and Ankush interact smiling with their friends and once they leave, Ankush lets go of his hand. Barkha asks if she can’t play anymore. Ankush says that she was performing for a year, she forbade her son to come here, but just as Adhik is important to Barkha, her son is important to him. Barkha says that she shouldn’t compare her brother to her illegitimate child. Ankush says that legitimate and illegitimate relationships are not children, his child is his blood and his responsibility.

Anuj tells Anupama that Little Anu insists on flying a kite brought only by Maaya, she can’t wait to meet her now. Maaya smiled as she listened to her conversation. Anupama then notices that Hasmukh is sitting alone and asks why he is sitting here alone. Hasmukh says that his family gets angry when he meets Anuapam’s family and he can’t change his family’s attitude, he feels lonely even staying with the family. Anupama is feeling sad. Hasmukh asks that she not worry about him as she will be fine and join the family once she starts the dance. Anuj and Vanraj’s paths cross. Toshu’s assistants give them Toshu’s business card and tell them that his boss can easily close any real estate deal; in fact, he recently closed a deal for Anuj Kapadia. Anuj says it’s interesting. Vanraj says that the one they are talking about he is right in front of them, they are the stupid helpers of the stupid boss. The assistants are afraid and run away. Vanraj apologizes to Anuj on Toshu’s behalf and assures that he will not allow Toshu to misuse Anuj’s name.

Saamr offers Dimpy a kite and also tries to propose to him. She stops him. He asks her if she’s afraid to move on. She says that she has been through so much that she no longer has the courage to move on. He says that she knows what is in her heart and that she would express it through her dance and that she should join him in the dance if she accepts her proposal. Leela breaks the kite and yells at Samar that she won’t let him do all this. Samar asks him not to spoil her private moment. occur. She starts using demeaning words towards Dimple. Anupama steps in and warns him to stop using such demeaning words to Dimple. Leela yells that she won’t let Dimple into her house. The argument arises. Samar says that she likes Dimple.

Leela yells at Anupama not to interfere between her and her grandson. Anupama says that she can say the same that not even God can interfere between her and her son. Leela continues with the excruciating accusations and curses of her. Anuapam tries to give him a proper answer. Vanraj tells Leela that this is not the right place to talk about all this. Anuj says that he is right. Leela continues to yell at Dimple. Dimple says that no one would like to stay in the house where Leela is staying and warns her not to abuse her age to humiliate others, any equation between her and Samar would be her decision and Leela has no right to comment . Vanraj tells him to stop while he tries to calm Leela down. Leela warns Anupama to focus on her husband, her daughter and her home, as anything can happen to her. Maaya records the video of her and thinks that Leela is right, anything can happen. Vanraj takes her away.

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