Pandya Store 7th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

The episode starts with Dhara saying that even Shiva left me today, he used to be my strength. Dhara cries and becomes sad. Dev is concerned. Dhara approaches him. She says that I packed food for rishi, she will refuse, you give it to her and give chutki kesar milk if the doctor allows. She gives him money. She says it’s 1 lakh we got after paying the health insurance deposit, this at the hospital.

Don’t worry, Chutki should be fine. Dev asks how you do all this, Rishita offended you a lot, you got the money for me. Dhara says she said that in anger, she doesn’t hate me, if something happens to me, wouldn’t she support me? I made a mistake Dev, I used my mind a lot, I forgot that Chutki is a little baby and Rishita is her mother, your happiness is the most devilish for me, even the Pandya store is no more devilish than all of you. Dev hugs her. Krish, Raavi and Gautam also hug her. Shiva asks Dhara for food. Dhara sells the dosa from the food. Shiva comes out and sees Dhara’s dosa stable. He asks you what you’re doing here. Add and all come.

Suman tells Dhara that’s the best plan. Dhara says I learned that from you, a Gujarati can never stop winning. Gautam says you didn’t tell me. She says I’ll tell you later. Dev arrives and Dhara asks how Chutki is now. Dev says he’s better, Rishita wants some things. She asks him to rest, Krish will take things away. Dev says he needs me there, wish I had Chutki’s insurance too, I need 50000rs now. Raavi asks him to take it off. He says he doesn’t know how much more will be spent. The doctor examines Chutki. Rishita asks about Chutki’s mental problem.

He says children also understand anger and stress, we must have a good environment at home, she can also have a long-term disorder. Rishita is worried. Shiva receives a call about the fight. Shiva sees Dhara. It tells me how many people to fight, when and where to go. The man says, same place, come at night. Suman and Dhara are worried. Raavi asks what are you doing, you will not do this fight. Shiva says if Dhara can sell the dosa on the street I can fight. She says no please for my sake. He says don’t say anything I’m saying no to and it makes you feel bad, I’ll fight. Raavi asks Dhara to explain to Shiva that he too can reach the hospital, our time is running out. Dhara asks who I am to talk between the two, you talk to him, he won’t keep my word if he doesn’t want to, I won’t tell him anything. Shiva says we should try to understand Raavi. He goes.

Raavi says you don’t support me because I don’t support you. Dhara says let me go a way in peace, what do you want, you always misunderstand me, you tell me clearly what to do. Krish says I will help you. Dhara asks him to go about his work. She asks Gautam to leave. He says I know you’re upset, don’t act normal, I made a mistake, I’m sorry. She says no, you showed me the right way. Dhara asks Suman to come in and eat. Suman asks him to give him dosa and idlis. Dhara cries and gives him the food. The man gives the food order and says you did the right thing setting up this stall. Dhara receives the money and thanks them.

Suman smiles. Dhara accepts his blessing. Rishita says it’s good that you came, the doctor said, the child can have a negative impact on life, promise me we’ll get out of the house. The nurse asks her to arrange Rs 50000 for the injection. Dev ask how I get 50000 Rs. Dhara continues to sell the dosas. Shweta walks by and stops. She teases Dhara. Dhara says I’ll give you a plate of dosa if you want, otherwise you can go. Shweta says we eat the dosa and leave. Dhara remembers her words. She asks him to sit down. She makes the dosa. She says be patient, this is special for you. Shweta eats it and coughs. She says you added a lot of spices. Dhara teases her.

She splashes the hot sauce on Dhara’s clothes. Shweta gives him some money. Dhara demands the money. She says come back. Shweta says I have a buyer for my shop. Dhara is surprised. Shweta says I’ll sell it and leave in two days. She jokes about Dhara’s dosa booth. Dhara goes to Gautam. She says that Shweta said she will sell the store in 2 days. Shiva says I heard that at the market too. Dev comes home. Dhara asks what happened to Chutki and RishitaI’m fine. Dev says the doctor prescribed an injection worth Rs 50,000 now how do I get the money? Dhara and everyone is worried.

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