Pandya Store 5th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

The January 5 episode of Pandya Store begins with Krish threatening Shweta. He says that if I don’t divorce you, which will happen, I haven’t filed the divorce papers yet. He scares her. He says that you have to stay with me in Pandya Nivaas for six months, if I tell the counselor that I love you very much, that you cannot leave the country, it will be funny, we will take revenge on you. Shweta is shocked. She asks him to come out. Shiva and Raavi enjoy chaat at the booth. She cries emotionally. He wipes away her tears. He asks what you think. She says there are many problems, I won’t get a job, you won’t box. He says I’ll make money, you don’t have to do anything. Shweta arrives at the police station and withdraws the complaint. Rishita slaps Shweta furiously. She scolds the inspector and says you should have arrested Dhara, not my baby. Shiva feeds the Panipuri to Raavi. She says it’s too spicy. She feeds him Panipuri. She says look it’s so hot. He asks for water. She asks him to eat more. You have a moment. You leave the post. Shweta signs the papers. Krish and Dev arrive and Dev hugs him. Dhara is released. She scolds Shweta.

Shweta says you just talk, you don’t do anything. i do what i say Rishita collapsed today. She leaves. Everyone goes home. Shiva says that Shweta is a Chudail, we will get the store back. Raavi says this plan could fail. Shiva says the plan can work too, think positive, come on let’s go home and see Krish could have come. Shweta checks the photo frame and says what is so devilish in the photo that Krish and then Dhara came to take it. Everyone goes home. Suman asks what happened why Chutki is sleeping. Rishita says she’s been crying since I saw her at the police station. Shiva asks Dev why you didn’t call. Dev says I called you 2 hours ago. Suman asks where Shiva and Raavi went. She says that Chutki cries a lot. Rishita says she’s hungry. They try to comfort Chutki. Dhara says I’ll check them out sometime. Rishita pushes her away and asks her to stay away from her daughter. Dhara falls to the ground. Everyone is surprised.

Gautam, Dev, Shiva and Krish uphold Dhara. Shiva asks what this bad behavior is. Suman asks why you pushed Dhara. Dhara says ok I made a big mistake I have no problem check Chutki’s diaper once it was dry before. Rishita says it’s dry. Dhara says she should have peed by now, take her to the hospital. Rishita and Dev leave. They’re all in the hospital. Dhara tells the doctor about the arrest. He says that Chutki got scared at the police station. The doctor says that might be the reason for the trauma.

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