Imlie 7th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Chini gets jealous when she sees Arto trying to save Imlie from her angry fans. Angry, she rips up Arto’s poster. Abhishek calls her and asks where she is when she is leaving for a charity event at an orphanage. Chini angrily says she’s busy and ends the call. The Rana family watch Imlie and Atharva perform and pray to God to keep them together this new year. Rudra hopes that God will give Atharva some awareness in this new year. Keya comments that only Imlie is fully conscious. Diya says let’s count and welcome the new year. Atharva hugs Imlie when it is 12 o’clock. Imlie is nervous. Atharva becomes aware and separates. Chini gets more jealous when she sees this and cries because she is alone today because of Imlie.
The manager informs Atharva how Imlie’s manager managed the crowd with his poem. Atharva is shocked. The manager asks Imlie for some poems. Atharva says that Imlie is not a poet and recites one of Imlie’s poems, but stops halfway. Imlie finishes her poem, leaving Atharva in shock. The manager, Ripu and Ginni praise Imlie and wish them a happy new year. Atharvasays Imlie must know these poems as they belong to Chini. Imlie reveals that he writes these poems in the Bhaskar Times and is his pen name. Athara says Shayara and asks if she is Shayara. She asks him if he identified her. Atharva says he loves Shayara and realizes that Chini lied about her being Mrs. Shayara. Imlie smiles. Atharva asks if she isn’t surprised. Imlie says she cramped, felt pain, and now she can’t be surprised; Since she was a child she told Chini that everything that belongs to her belongs to Chini, Chini took away the right that she couldn’t give her.

Imlie crashes into Chini. Chini screams when she can’t see. Imlie confronts Chini about being such a treacherous big sister. Chini is afraid that Imlie will hit her again. Imlie says he hit her today and confronts her about taking away her husband, herself and today her poems that were her painful voice. She says she expressed her feelings towards her mother in a poem. Chini says that Imliya was even hers. Imlie says she won’t let Chini take her voice and walks away. Atharva returns home and looks at Imlie’s poetry and remembers mistaking Imlie’s poetry for Chini’s. He remembers all the events where Imlie recites poetry and thinks that he couldn’t understand Imlie’s voice through Imlie himself. Imlie says that’s fine and offers her new, unpublished poem. Atharva asks if she’s sure. She said yes

Atharva recites a poem that describes him. Imlie says her world revolves around him. Atharva says he doesn’t deserve his kindness, his friendship, and his poetry. Imlie says art is a blessing but has become a curse for her. He begs God not to give him this art again and tears up his poems. Atharva says it was his dream. Imlie says that it was Imlie’s dream she used to dream but now both Imlie and Shayara are over. She leaves her room. After a while, she gets a call from the editors to go hiking tomorrow, and she’s excited. Devika and Rudra walk in and commend her for convincing Atharva to attend a concert. Imlie says that the parents don’t appreciate the children and informs them that she is going on a field trip to a village. you bless her. Keya overhears their conversation and plots against Imlie. Atharva doesn’t sleep when she remembers Chini’s lies.

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