Imlie 6th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Imlie panicking at the sight of the large crowd. She tells how she can now deal with her family’s reputation. She informs the manager that Arto is not coming. The manager says how they will manage the crowd now, the sponsors will not forgive him for that. The fans keep asking for Arto and there Chini calls a guy at the concert and asks him to do something.

He says he’ll do his job. Imlie takes the stage thinking that she has to hide her face to convince the fans that she is Arto. The manager gives him a USB stick and says that he has Arto’s recorded songs and will just play them. Imlie says he has no idea what to play and where to insert the flash drive. She prays to God and there Chini smiles and says that Imlie Artos is tricking fans into not digesting it. They will surely create a scene for cheating.

The manager asks for the lights to be dimmed so no one knows the truth. Imlie loses her USB stick on stage and searches for it. Arto notices text messages on Imlie’s laptop urging him to submit the project before the deadline. He asks Devika where Imlie leaves her first project. Devika says he knows she’s busy attending the concert.

Fans receive text messages like Arto’s wife came to the concert, not him. They start protesting and address Imlie as an imposter. Chini says it’s a scam, happily eats pizza and thinks Imlie needs to be humiliated at the concert. Abhishek calls her and tells her that he wants to spend the new year with her at the orphanage.

Chini finds it so boring that she apologizes for the puja family and Abhishek says the media will come too so she thought of introducing them. Chini says that after the puja she will go with him. He looks forward to taking on the media for pictures. Imlie begins to recite a poem to calm the crowd and Chini watches it on TV.

She provokes her friend by saying that they didn’t buy the ticket to hear poetry. She thinks that Imlie is afraid of the crowd and then how he recites a poem. Later fans throw eggs at Imlie, meanwhile Arto arrives and holds Imlie. She is happy to see him. Chini thinks she could have enjoyed the scene more on the big screen. Kia and Akash discuss Arto’s failings, then see Rana praise Imlie for seeing her on stage. Shivani says that Arto handled the situation by going there, otherwise Imlie would have ruined everything.

Arto gives a speech on stage that he wanted to cancel the event but his wife persuaded him and even went on stage to bring him here. She sacrificed herself for him and he is grateful for that. He dedicated the song Tera yaar hu mai to her. They dance together and share an eye. Chini is excited to see her.

Prelude: Imlie gives a speech to the villagers in their language and Chini insults them and says that she was expelled from school. Arto says Chini can’t faze Imlie.

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