Anupama 6th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Anupama looks at her family photo and remembers Anuj’s words. The song Pyar Hai Ya Saza Aye Mere Dil Bataa… plays in the background. she breaks down Anuj also looks at her family photo and remembers the event. Kavya smashes the bathroom mirror in frustration, remembering Vanraj’s decision not to take the job in Delhi for the sake of his family. Vanraj remembers the happier times of him and Kavya. Other members of the Shah, Barkha, Sand Ankush family also weep as they recall their happiest and bitterest times together.

The song continues in the background. Kavya summons Anirudth. The little Anu video calls Anuj and Anupama and wishes them a Happy New Year. The youth outside cheer when the clock strikes 12. Anupama thinks that she should finish her old book of 365 pages and write a new book every day with a new chapter of happiness.

The next morning, Anupama Tulsi performs pooja and wishes Surya Devta a happy new year and good morning. She prays for the happiness of the Shah family and that they will be in their own home from now on. Thank you for giving her Little Anu and her parents Little Anu and always making her happy. She feels guilty for not paying attention to Anuj and you want to pay attention. him this year, pray that Anuj loves her immensely every year etc. She plays shank.

Anuj wakes up and prays to God to bring happiness to his Anupama and little Anu and help him make them happy. Leela prepares a Dhokla cake for the family. Hasmukh praises her and says she wasn’t like that. Leela says she will change this new year and not repeat her mistakes. Hasmukh says he makes new mistakes every time.

Leela accepts that she upset Anupama a lot, so from now on she will take care of her own family and won’t bother Anupama anymore. He says he made Dhokla cakes for the family. Hasmukh jokes and hopes he sticks to his words. Leela says she will try and needs your support. Hasmukh says if she’s on the right track, he will support her.

Anupama enters Anuj’s room and sees him in the bathroom, playing music and quickly trying to make a bed. Anuj comes out of the bathroom. Anupama’s hair falls on him. She apologizes. The song Kahonaa Pyar hai is playing on the radio… Anupama apologizes to him for his mistakes. Leela prepares Fafda and asks Hasmukh to bring Jalebis soon.

Vanraj returns from shopping and accepts his blessings. He brought diapers and food for the family to Paris. Hasmukh asks him if he is alright because he has done a lot of work at once. Vanraj says ok what happened yesterday was good as everyone has expressed their frustration he wants to start a new year fresh. Toshu approaches them and wishes them a happy new year. Hasmukh says he looks very happy. Toshu says it has been updated this new year. Leela asks how. He says he’ll do it once the whole family gets together.

Anuj tells Anupama that he is not mean enough to say anything against her that came out of his mouth with guilt, he just wanted to make her understand that her actions are covering up her intentions. Anupama says she knows what else? He says that’s all. She wishes you a happy new year. The song Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata… plays in the background. Anuj remembers her meeting with Anupama in a restaurant last year. She wipes his face with her sari pallu and prepares him for office.

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