Anupama 5th January 2023 Written Update

In the last episode, you saw that Babuji ji comes back and tells that he had lost his way. Babuji says that Vanraj did not do as much as Anuj did for me, but you people leveled false allegations against him. Better not come back home. In today’s episode, Babuji asks Anupama to change and takes a big decision for everyone else as well.

In today’s episode you will see that Babuji says that even Brahma cannot handle the people of this house, how will you handle Anupama and scientists should do research on Leela that how can someone be like this after which Anuj breaks down in front of Babuji and says that I will not be able to tolerate it anymore. He tells Anupama that I love you a lot but now I am tired of the problems of this house and now I have nothing to do with the problems of this family. Anuj also asks Anupama to change and focus on her family. Anuj says don’t become a shoulder, people will make a shoulder. Anuj folds his hands in front of everyone and tells Anupama that please pay attention to your family.

After which everyone goes to their homes. Vanraj decides to quit his job in Delhi and Kavya does not like this decision. Now Kavya is also about to take a big decision regarding their relationship. On the other hand, Anuj stops talking to Anupama. Anupama is worried about how to fill the blank pages of the coming year’s book with happiness.

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